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Soul on a Beat Entertainment is a Greater Boston-based company who records and licenses music, performs at, organizes and promotes live events and provides recording and promotion services at both our Chestnut Hill (home) and Arlington (professional) locations.

We have organized many events and live performances with Gold and Platinum, Billboard charting Artists, national television acts and underground Hip-Hop and Reggae icons. Our music has been licensed for use on major television shows and video games, in addition to the play it's received on radio stations and in clubs all around the world.

We pride ourselves not only in our large and sold-out events, but also in providing entry-level opportunities for Artists and musicians, support for underappreciated talents and playing our part the Art of turning nothing into something. We plan to continue working more with charities, local activists and up-and-coming regional artists to make a change for our communities, and eventually world, for the better and would love to hear from anybody who would like to take part. Thank you for your interest and support.

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